MtCU - Meet the Challenges Unlimited
Meet The Challenges unlimited, MtCu, is a club that invites people who have/ or had problems with drugs / alcohol to partake in outdoor pursuits.Service users and staff, involved with drug & alcohol services have long identified 'after-care' as been the area of a persons recovery as been'difficult'. 

Key areas of relapses being, boredom, lack of new friends & positive contacts with society.The aim of MtCu is to introduce or renew a passion for the outdoors and physical activities. 

Service users are given the opportunity to partake in outdoor pursuits as part of their recovery.Pursuits include, indoor wall climbing, climbing outdoor 'crags' here in Sussex, hill walking, orienteering, map reading/ leadership skills and camping.

For 2013 and depending on funding we will be adding, mountain biking, kayaking and archery. We are introducing an 'in-house' running club & climb/swim days at K2 Crawley leisure centre.

We can also offer 'essential first aid training' delivered by the St John's Ambulance.

The club is run by myself, qualified outdoor pursuits instructor, & drug & alcohol worker. I am supported by a 'core staff' of volunteers which range from people who have experience of substance misuse to a serving fireman, all share a love of climbing and outdoor pursuits and want to pass that enthusiasm to others.We all give our time freely, as we develop we encourage participants to take an active role in developing and delivering activities, giving them more transferable skills, around organisation, instructing & responsibility for others.